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What are the T5 T8 G13 Fluorescent Light Socket Lamp

 What are the T5 T8 G13 Fluorescent Light Socket Lamp?

Light bulb sockets, lamp sockets or lampholders can provide electrical connections to the lamps and support it in the lighting fixturse. The use of sockets allows lamps to be safely and conveniently replaced (re-lamping).

As we all know, the fluorescent lamps require a different, typically four-pin design. A broad variety of other socket designs exists, applied for specialized lamp constructions.
Fluorescent lampholder/ Lamp Holder Socket T5,T8,T12 are a kind of device which mechanically support a lamp for the purposes of making electrical contact with the lamp. Lamp Holder Socket' power waste is low,and have no affect on environment.

Liantronic offer a varity of G13(T8)Fluorescent Lamp Holder & G5(T5)Fluorescent Lamp Holder. They are widely used in LED & Fluorescent Tube Lights. 

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